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The Create to Heal app brings the music, art, guided meditations and creative writing of my classes directly to cancer patients who are being infused with chemo, those waiting to see their doctors, those preparing for and healing from surgery.


Thank you for reviewing my project The Create to Heal (TM) mobile and tablet app for cancer patients. I also thank you with all my heart if you decide to make a financial contribution and forward this project link on to your network of friends, family and colleagues.

Stress has a major affect on the inflammation levels in the body and the weakening of the immune system, which leads to disease. Dr. George Slavich, UCLA, tells us through his research that stress contributes to the 6 major diseases "that account for 75% of all medical costs or $2 trillion. These diseases ... Cancer, (Breast Cancer specifically,) Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Depression, and Obesity ... contribute to 7 out of 10 deaths in this country." Dr. George Slavich, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Psychiatry, UCLA.

For a number of years now, I have been teaching my special brand of creativity to cancer patients, domestic violence survivors and women in crisis and have witnessed the healing power of creativity. I use music, guided meditation, art, color, creative writing techniques and other forms of art tools (clay, canvas, hand-made paper for example) to encourage the participant to "get out of their heads and into their hearts" where they can begin to heal. One of the core benefits of my Create To Heal classes, originally called Write to Heal, is stress reduction. I often receive the following patient feedback: "This class gives me great peace and joy. I am much calmer, more relaxed." I also give patients the tools to continue their creative therapy and stress reduction at home, at work, wherever they are.

I have also witnessed the power of technology (ipods, ipads, tablets, smart phones) in cancer patients' lives - they use their devices to "tune out" of the chemo process, while waiting for test results, and before and after surgery. Create to Heal Mobile App will bring the guided meditations, music, art and animation of my class directly to them during these stressful circumstances, allowing them to relax, tune out and tune in to their creativity. The app will also have the ability to be used on televisions, which most hospitals have in-room.

To date, no one has developed such an app, therefore, we have a wonderful opportunity to pioneer cancer patient care - and ultimately, other patient care, since the app will be applicable to other stress induced diseases, pain management and the stress from everyday life.

I started The Women with Wings Foundation to teach others, including health care professionals, my "Enlightened Listening Method" of stress reduction. The Create to Heal(TM) Mobile app will be a part of this program and will offer hospitals and wellness centers the opportunity to "white label" the app for patient use. Since the app is free to all patients and their families, the revenue stream will come from major corporate donations and hospitals that pay a licensing fee for the material and the app. All revenue goes directly to The Women with Wings Foundation and my work with cancer patients, their families and other health care professionals.

Please know that your contribution of any amount will go a long way toward funding this project and getting the Create to Heal program out to many. You will be helping me pioneer the use of today’s technology in patient care.

Sincerely, Patricia Varga, Founder and President, The Women with Wings Foundation

Phase #1  FUNDED
App Funding Phase ONE


Phase One Funds go toward the design and schematics of the mobile app, for both iOS and Android platforms. During this phase of development, Wireframes, User Interface Design, and the general "storyboards" will be developed.

  1. Goal for Phase One
    Total - $3,500
Phase Total/Overflow

  Phase Total - $4145.00
  Phase Overflow - $645.00

  1. Design started; will have a snapshot of user interface to share

    Delivery:08/31/2013    Status:Open - Overdue

  2. Music and guided meditation integration begins; can share some of what will be used

    Delivery:08/31/2013    Status:Open - Overdue

Phase #2  FUNDED
App Funding Phase Two


Phase Two Funds go toward the user interface completion, code development, a functional prototype and music licensing fees.

  1. Funding Phase Two
    Total - $5,000
Phase Total/Overflow

  Phase Total - $6070.00
  Phase Overflow - $1070.00

  1. User Interface Updated, completed

    Delivery:09/30/2013    Status:Open - Overdue

  2. Music and guided meditation integration begins; can share some of what will be used

    Delivery:09/30/2013    Status:Open - Overdue

  3. Prototype

    Delivery:09/30/2013    Status:Open - Overdue

Phase #3  FUNDED
App Funding Phase Three


During this phase, a Beta version of the app will be completed, with all functionality being tested and approved. Funds during this phase also go toward the guided meditation voice over, and art and music imagery.

  1. Funding Phase Three
    Total - $5,000
Phase Total/Overflow

  Phase Total - $5080.00
  Phase Overflow - $80.00

  1. Beta version

    Delivery:10/31/2013    Status:Open - Overdue

  2. Functionality tested

    Delivery:10/31/2013    Status:Open - Overdue

  3. Guided meditation and music completed

    Delivery:10/31/2013    Status:Open - Overdue

The Women with Wings Foundation now has it's exempt status from the IRS. The 501 (C) 3 paperwork arrived in December of 2013 - it's official, we are a teaching non-profit! Regarding the mobile app for cancer patients, I am scaling back my first version of this app in order to reduce the original pricing quoted by several developers ($25k - $35k.) I am now seeking quotes from TopTal developers for a version that offers guided meditation and music - and possibly the art. The more quickly I get the app out into the world, the more quickly I can receive feedback from patients and their families. Glendale Adventist Medical Center is allowing me to test the app with cancer patients - those who are waiting for surgery, recovering from surgery and those being infused with chemo. This is a milestone in and of itself, and I'm grateful that the oncology staff has embraced all of my programs. More to come, thank you, Patricia

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